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Foto eines Experten - Karin Drda-Kühn

Karin Drda-Kühn

Expert in monastic products and stores, networking and qualification, religion…

Kulturtourismus Netzwerke Produkte


Foto eines Experten - Doreen Wolf

Doreen Wolf

The Hanseatic City of Kyritz, public relations, city marketing and…

Kulturtourismus Tourismus

Kyritz Franciscan Abbey


Foto eines Experten - Andrea Frick

Andrea Frick

Expert for cooperation, promotion and networking in the field of…

Kultur Kulturtourismus Netzwerke Veranstaltungen

Angermünde Franciscan Abbey


Foto eines Experten - Harald Schwillus

Harald Schwillus

Prof. Dr Harald Schwillus is an expert in theology, religious…

Klostergärten Kulturtourismus Spiritualität Tourismus Zisterzienser


Foto eines Experten - Norbert Kannowsky

Norbert Kannowsky

Expert in real estate management, forest management, funding structures at…


Neuzelle Cistercian Abbey


Foto eines Experten - Lara Buschmann

Lara Buschmann

Expert on strategy, networking, change management and organisation developement.

Consulting Cultural Tourism Kulturtourismus Netzwerke Workshop Workshops

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