Norbert Kannowsky

Bild eines Experten - Norbert Kannowsky

The foundation Neuzelle Abbey is one of the founding members of this association. Norbert Kannowsky has been a board member of KLOSTERLAND e.V. in the function of treasurer since 2019.

Managing Director of the foundation Neuzelle Abbey im Neuzelle Cistercian Abbey

Vita of Norbert Kannowsky

Norbert Kannowsky studied forestry at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and furthermore holds a degree of business administrator in real estate and housing management.

After graduating, he worked in Berlin for large real estate companies and housing associations in real estate marketing and housing management.

His particular double qualification in the fields of forestry and real estate in 2006 brought him to the foundation of Neuzelle Abbey. This public-law foundation of the state of Brandenburg has the task of restoring Neuzelle Abbey according to the provisions for historical monuments and of developing it for cultural tourism.

The Neuzelle Abbey foundation owns the monastery grounds and former monastery properties covering 11,300 hectares. By cultivating areas of forest, leasing farmland and grassland, as well as renting out housing and commercial properties the foundation generates income for the fulfilment of its purpose.

In addition, the foundation runs museums, develops and maintains the baroque abbey garden and is co-organiser of the opera festival OperOderSpree and organiser of a diverse cultural programme.


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15898 Neuzelle

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