Dr. Franziska Siedler

Bild eines Experten - Dr. Franziska Siedler

Dr. Franziska Siedler is a founding member of KLOSTERLAND e.V. and was a board member of the association for several years. Today she is the association’s contact person for spiritual programmes.

Director of the owner-operated municipal enterprise Chorin Abbey at the Cistercian monastery Chorin im Chorin Cistercian Abbey

Vita of Dr. Franziska Siedler

Dr. Franziska Siedler first dealt with monastic culture on a wide scale when doing her university degree. She studied art history and art education at the University of Greifswald and in her master’s thesis focused on a Cistercian convent (“The Krummin Altar of Mary: its reconstruction considering the religious and cultural conditions in Western Pomerania at the beginning of the 16th century”). After her studies, she graduated as a specialist in cultural tourism at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences in 2009. Four years later she completed her doctorate in art history at the University of Trier (“Not by a single hand. Modern artist collaborations in the Netherlands and the German-speaking world”).

Dr. Franziska Siedler then worked as a lecturer at the Stralsund University of Applied Sciences and as a curator at various museums until she became director of Chorin Abbey in 2010. In 2013, she was able to obtain state and federal funding to set up an extensive permanent exhibition in the historic abbey buildings. At the centre of her museum scheme stands the structure as most important exhibit. Since 2017, spiritual tourism has been developed as an important line for Chorin apart from traditional cultural tourism. In the process, it was possible to set up a network office through funding from the European Social Fund and the state of Brandenburg. The aim is to establish Chorin Abbey as a pilgrimage centre.

Expert for…

Dr. Franziska Siedler is an expert for North German Brick Gothic, the history of the reception of medieval sacred buildings in Brandenburg in the 19th century, as well as spirituality and tourism as part of cultural tourism.


Eigenbetrieb Kloster Chorin

Amt 11a

16230 Chorin