Lara Buschmann

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Lara Buschmann has accompanied the association KLOSTERLAND since the very beginning – at that time still “German-Polish Monastery Network” – in the capacity of cultural manager, project manager, organisational consultant and moderator. In these functions she was responsible for various projects, e.g. for the concept and implementation of this online platform, for the strategic realignment of the association and the conception and management of workshops, among others on the topic of “Megatrends and Monastic Culture”.

Brief Biography

Lara Buschmann studied cultural studies as well as cultural management and cultural tourism in Frankfurt/Oder. She worked there and at the HTW Berlin as a lecturer for many years. In her work as a freelance cultural manager she focuses on strategic co-operations (e.g. mentoring the KLOSTERLAND association since its inception), target-group-specific marketing, up-to-date mediation programmes and future-oriented structures. Through her collaboration on cultural development projects (incl. in Potsdam, the Havelland, southern Thuringia and the city of Düsseldorf), she discovered her passion for mentoring structural and profiling change projects. In 2014, she trained as a workshop facilitator and later as a systemic organisational consultant (artop GmbH, Berlin). Today she is a moderator, process facilitator and systemic consultant based in Berlin.

Expert for…

Lara Buschmann’s craft is her clear view for essential things and her fine understanding of which paths are leading there. To this end she discerns the nuances and asks the right questions about complicated issues. Her special fields are workshops, finding and change processes and organisation development. Lara creates spaces of communication where one can go deep and things can be looked at in a new way.


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