Andrea Frick

Bild eines Experten - Andrea Frick

The town of Angermünde has been a member of the association Klosterland e.V. since 2015.

Culture officer of the Angermünde municipality at the Angermünde Franciscan monastery im Angermünde Franciscan Abbey

Vita of Andrea Frick

Andrea Frick grew up in the countryside just outside Angermünde, lived in Potsdam for many years and deliberately returned to her hometown in 2009.

Since 2010, her work has focused on promoting, supporting and developing cultural projects and events, working closely with the Angermünde museum and managing the Franciscan abbey church, including organising and supporting events.

The abbey church is the only surviving building of the former abbey site of the Franciscan monks. In cooperation with various partners, Andrea Frick developed the “Angermünder Klostersommer”, a popular series of cultural summer events – with the principle of highlighting the significance and history of this impressive building. The “Angermünder Klostersommer” thrives on the commitment of many cultural operators and artists and the excellent cooperation.

Andrea Frick is also committed to the cultural life of her region on a voluntary basis. The Uckermark region means a lot to her.

Expert for…

cooperation, promotion and networking in the field of culture, as well as the organisation of events.


Stadtverwaltung Angermünde, Abteilung Bildung, Kultur, Soziales

Markt 24

16278 Angermünde


03331 260093