Martin Erdmann

Bild eines Experten - Martin Erdmann

Martin Erdmann has been member of KLOSTERLAND’s advisory board since 2015 and supports the association with its product development by advising abbey shops and as a strategic consultant, but also as head editor of the platform Klosterkultur.

Martin Erdmann was born in 1970 in Lippstadt in Westphalia. In his childhood and youth, he spent every spare moment in the garden. He is a trained scholar of literature and art and was able to acquire professional experience in places as diverse as monasteries, factories and universities. At the turn of the millennium, he joined the well-known retail company Manufactum in the Ruhr area as a career jumper. There, in addition to his main job as a creative buyer, he also engaged in many other areas, for example as a music producer or as an editor and journalist. Innumerable encounters and connections with a great variety of people all over Europe frequently give him the opportunities to employ his communicative skills and to generate synergies. From 2006 to 2016, he was a hobby beekeeper in the Münster region. He is a musical person and an active singer. In a voluntary capacity he works, for example, as a neighbourhood councillor in Berlin-Schöneberg or as an advisory board member of KLOSTERLAND e.V. Since 2016, Martin Erdmann has been living and working in Berlin.