Doreen Wolf

Bild eines Experten - Doreen Wolf

The Hanseatic City of Kyritz, public relations, city marketing and tourism at the Franciscan monastery of Kyritz im Kyritz Franciscan Abbey

Vita of Doreen Wolf

Doreen Wolf was born in Jena in 1973. She studied business management with a focus on tourism. Her professional career included working for the tour operator FTI Touristik in Munich and as a freelance journalist. Since 2012, Doreen Wolf has been responsible for public relations, city marketing and tourism at the Hanseatic City of Kyritz. In this function, she accompanies the renovation, redesign and development of the Franciscan monastery in Kyritz, which is planned to become the cultural centre “Klosterviertel” and to be incorporated into the municipal and regional marketing scheme.


Hansestadt Kyritz, Kultur- und Tourismusbüro, Maxim-Gorki-Straße 32

16866 Kyritz


033971 608277