Cornelia von Heßberg

Bild eines Experten - Cornelia von Heßberg

Cornelia von Heßberg has been involved with KLOSTERLAND since 2015 and as editor and author has worked on the two volumes of the series “Zwischentöne. Beiträge zur Klosterkultur” (nuances. articles on monastic culture). She also collaborated on conceiving and implementing the project “Profiles of the Member Monasteries”. Since 2019, she has been secretary on the association’s board.


Cornelia von Heßberg studied history and philosophy in Erlangen, Oldenburg and Leipzig from 2001-2008 and along the way also collaborated on the “Mecklenburgisches Klosterbuch”, a book on Mecklenburg monasteries. After completing her Master’s degree, she went to Berlin and, from 2008-2013, was a research assistant at the chair of medieval history with a focus on the High and Late Middle Ages at the Free University of Berlin. After working for the history marketing company Neumann & Kamp Historische Projekte GbR, most recently she was employed as a genealogist and case handler at the probate research firm GEN Gesellschaft für Erbenermittlung GmbH from 2014-2019. Her academic interest is in Cistercian women’s monasteries of the late Middle Ages, which she considers to be one of the best opportunities to examine social orders, governing and economic activities of past times. Above all, it is important to her how exploring history helps to orient oneself in the here and now and to better determine one’s position in the present.