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Foto eines Experten - Dr. Ursula Röper

Dr. Ursula Röper

Dr. Ursula Röper is an expert in religious studies, women’s…

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11798The garden of quiet sounds

The garden of quiet sounds

Habent sua fata et horti – Gardens, too, have their fate. This thoughtful,…


11730History of the monastery garden

History of the monastery garden

Monastery gardens have changed over the centuries, which makes it difficult to gain…


Foto eines Experten - Dr. Johanna Pointke

Dr. Johanna Pointke

expert on abbey chapters, Cistercian convents in Northwest Germany, women’s…

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10492The Christian Garden in Berlin-Marzahn

The Christian Garden in Berlin-Marzahn

With its artistic and symbolic design, the Christian garden in Berlin-Marzahn is reminiscent…


Foto eines Experten - Sr. Anne-Claire Noel

Sr. Anne-Claire Noel

Expert for religious communities, ecclesial movements, spirituality and youth ministry.

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Foto eines Experten - Cornelia von Heßberg


Foto eines Experten - Martin Erdmann

Martin Erdmann

Expert on monastery stores, monastic culture, products, spirituality.

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