Myślibórz Dominican Abbey

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Founded in 1275, the abbey of the Dominican convent in Myślibórz (German: Soldin) quickly acquired property. Destroyed during Hussite iconoclasm in 1433, the site was painstakingly rebuilt and all liturgical devices were replaced. After the Reformation in Soldin in 1538, the former monastery buildings – further devastated in the Thirty Years’ War – served as a source of building materials. The remaining west wing of the abbey, home to the local school throughout the 18th century, now houses the library and seminar rooms of the town’s cultural centre. With the help of royal funds, the dilapidated abbey church was restored between 1734 and 1736, and today it accommodates the municipal cultural centre.

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Myślibórz Dominican Abbey

ul. Klasztorna

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Dominican Order


The interior of the single-naved brickwork church, with its richly-profiled main entrance, was originally spanned by a cross-ribbed vault. The timber-framed tower dates from the post-reformation era. Although unpreserved, it is believed the abbey’s south and east wings were – just like the west wing – two-storey buildings. Remains uncovered by excavations suggest that the convent building, with its chapter house and dormitory, was built around the same as the church – in the late 13th century. With its inornate form, the remaining west wing suggests an economic function.


The surviving buildings of the early-Gothic abbey are located near the former town walls in the south of Myślibórz. The town is situated on the southern shore of the Soldiner See in the south west of the Western Pomeranian Voivodeship, part of a protected nature area with a well-developed network of hiking trails.


Besides year-round recreation and relaxation activities, Myślibórz offers a myriad of cultural and sporting events, including the Motorboat World Championships, sailing regattas, theatre festivals and the Polish National Meeting of Young Authors and Song Composers.


Urząd Miasta i Gminy w Myśliborzu
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